Did You Vote? You Are What You Choose!!

“Corruption sucks”

“The corruption in our country is spreading at such vicious rate that it seems that we will be redefining the meaning of “corruption”!”

“A corrupt society is going to take us nowhere”

“Look, no government can save India from going down the lanes of losses… our government- Even HOPELESS doesn’t even come close to what they are”

“India will never see the light of the day because our leaders are so corrupt”


These lines pretty much sum up the sorry- don’t they?

We are all busy cursing our fate and our society which we live in and we are “generous” enough to shift the whole blame on the “corrupt politicians” because hey, isn’t it easy to play the slander game… no one is going to own up and tell, “Hey, it’s my fault, I didn’t do my bit, I didn’t shudder to bribe someone.. I didn’t put in my vote and I never did anything for the upliftment of my country…” No, we don’t tell any of those because it is so much easer to say, “Look at our leaders… with these corrupt leaders, can a nation ever progress!! Hell no!!”

This is our sorry tale and if we do not take the right actions, sadly enough, India will never see the bright ray of hope ever again. Am I ready to be an outside visitor and see all of this? No. Does it mean, I am ready to take my blame? Did I sacrifice on the altar of my nation? No, I haven’t done any of it. But I am now mature enough to understand what is to be done to rectify the mess India has become. Will it be the new dawn that can bless our nation? Yes, I am hopeful that the sun will break and a new day will shine. So, how exactly I will do all of this? I have a plan, a vision, a mission and an aim… all I am asking for is your help. Come with me and together we will shake the dirt, remove the dust and glorify the nation that was once an emblem of utmost pride and glory.

against corruption

The Power Of The Common Man

Isn’t it the youth who need to “man” up? Look at Mr. Arvind Kejriwal– he has been a bolt from the blue- the voice of the common man- the representative of AAP- Aam Aadmi Party (the common man rep). Look at his journey. Had he chosen to be an outside visitor and simply play the blame game, Delhi would still be rotting and the dark night would have never ended. However, he took a stand, fired up the spirits of people, sparked hope and voila he is the new CM!!

Arvind Kejriwal

Isn’t this what should be the inspiration for youth? Okay, even if you are not a Kejriwal fan, here is a scheme which I am sure can motivate one and all and improve the voting plight. Remember, the key to all problems is in our selection.

If we select the wrong leaders, it is, we the voters who are to blame and NOT the corrupt politicians. You choose to confide in them and don’t we all know, “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

Mobiles Have Become The Top Target

How many youngsters are hooked to their mobiles? ALL. Yes, all youngsters and even adults are hooked to their cell phone and 9 in 10 people will be addicted to social networking apps like WeChat, whatsapp, line, BBM and so on. If you really want to bring about the BIG change, you have to target the social mobile apps. When you have created a movement using the social mobile apps, it will spread VIRALLY.

So, What Exactly Is My Scheme?

How many messages do you send over WeChat or any other social mobile app that you are hooked to? I personally fail to maintain a count as I send endless messages. Even if it is nonsense “Santa Banta” forward, I will read it once.

So, I want to have a series of videos linked to voting, political, nation, India and corruption. The videos should have the message that we must vote. There are different types of innovative ideas that you can choose. Stress on the importance of voting and elucidate the saying that our representatives are what we choose to have.

Do not spam such videos. Send it to a chain group and have a link in the video or even the text message. Promote a site that talks about the importance of voting. Create an awareness campaign and spread the message all across.


Signing Petitions

You can also sign a petition and pledge the need to vote. When people sign petitions, they are twice as likely to vote. Social mobile apps like WeChat are one of the best ways to create a group conversation and help you sign a petition. Try and have a group conversation and help in spreading the group. The more, the merrier.

Voice Your Opinion

Remember, the power lies in the hands of the common man. Arvind Kejriwal has proven how effective and powerful a common man truly is. You should never underestimate the power of your opinion. With the help of social mobile app, you will get the befitting platform that can help you voice your opinion and be heard.

Make sure to speak out the top ideas and try and get people talking. You may come up with new and innovative ideas that will inspire the people to vote. When you register votes, you will be able to mobilize the mass and it is only when we can put in 100 percent (a long awaited dream) or at least 90 percent of votes, we will be able to choose the right political party.

Arvind Kejriwal has proved how one man can change the world. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is only us who can bring the right change. Stop playing the blame game, do not slander one another. Yes, our political parties are at fault but it is we, who choose them.


The Youth Holds The Key

So, take your stand, wake up and stop dreaming. Put in your vote. You have the power in your hands. With social mobile app; you can build a nation, a team that strives to make a difference. One message can motivate one person. One person can change the whole nation. So, pick your points, put in your idea, inspire people to vote, choose the right person and watch the nation march the road of glory and scale new success.

Believe me, I have a dream and I have the vision to make it alive. All you need to do is text and wake the dreaming nation. Definitely, you can do that much to help the country you live in. The choice is yours- the only one who will benefit from this is you. So, serve your cause and watch the nation pick the road to glory.

Your nation needs you and your vote may make all the difference. Do not let this right go. One vote can make or break a party. Use your right diligently and make sure to explain people to do the same. Enlightened citizens are the future of tomorrow. You spend half of your day texting friends on WeChat, take a few seconds and make a group and use it to explain the need to vote!!

One vote and you are all set to choose the right leaders!!

Make Voting MANDATORY!

Yes, you read it right!! You may think now is this person crazy, is it AT ALL feasible? Yes, my friends it is. There are countries that work on mandatory voting style. Regardless of the reason, you are unable to vote, you need to send an absentee vote with the right reason indicating your absence. With mobile apps, we can have official voting groups for districts where people falling in that area can register their absentee votes so that we can have a tally of those who voted and those who don’t. A lot of our voting plight will subside with a few official voting groups and making voting mandatory.


The future is YOU! Act Today !!

This post is a part of Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps at IndiBlogger. Follow the link to reach the same.

This contest is brought to you by WeChat, one of the top social networking app.

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12 comments on “Did You Vote? You Are What You Choose!!

  1. I’m not Indian, but man, this post is so…inspirational! The government can spread a lot of hope as long as the right officials are in place, don’t you think?


  2. wow bravo, your call to action is inspirational! Every vote does matter and you are right about the youths and social media these days. The truth will reveal itself and corruption exposed.


  3. Bushra says:

    Very inspiring and detailed post Shruti! Anything a person would want – its all here! Loved it a lot! All the best dearie…🙂


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