Dear Dad, Thank You!

Too often, we all grow up with the tag of being a mumma’s girl. However, ever since I was a little kid; I have always been my dad’s dearie.

There was always a very different and deep connection between the two of us. He understood what I had to say long before I knew that I wanted it. Often it surprises me as to how can someone know so much about someone else, yet my dad has always been the one who stayed with me through thick and thin.

I was pampered a lot and he made it a point to fulfill all my wishes, regardless of how whimsical they were. Some of my family members complained that it wasn’t good to pamper someone so much because there is a very thin line between pampering and spoiling. No one wanted me to turn into a spoilt brat. I wasn’t spoilt but growing under my dad’s shade meant that I never got to face the brutal world all alone.

I was still unaware of the beasts that too often lurked in the open daylight looking to sabotage the happy endings. However, dearest Dad knew when to play the role of whom. He knew that his love should not come at an ugly cost.

I vividly recall my engineering days when I was sandwiched between the desire to work as an independent individual and hug the safety of being home. I was indecisive because daddy’s little girl didn’t want to face the ugly world all alone. However, when this dilemma had wrapped me in its vicious hold, it was dad again who came to my rescue.

I remember him sitting on my bed at 11 30 in the night and explaining me how the world is much larger than my fear. If I leave my job midway without serving the initial 2 years of joining period, I was to submit 50 grands. He came up to me and told me to give myself a chance; one ray of hope to nurture the confidence I have within.

He told me not to worry about the 50 grands. All he asked me was to give my inner self one try, the wings that shall let it fly. He told, if I loved the sky, I can fly for as long as I want, but remember, no matter how high you soar, every bird finally comes back home.

So, he gave me my wings and asked me to work in the company I want to. There was no compulsion to work for a couple of years. All he wanted was to make sure that I realize my own strength, kill the inner demons, and embrace the power which was dormant within.

I worked at the company for a year after which I gave them the fine and in return took with me, confidence, self reliance and a belief that no matter what life throws in front of me, I knew how to bake it and make the most out of it.

If it was not for my father, I would still have been sleeping in the same cocoon I shared as a kid. He made me believe in myself when I thought there was nothing inside. I owe not just this life, but everything to you, DAD!

I am who I am because of who you are.

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Quickly Upgrade Your Car With Quikr

How long have you been using your car? Do you crave for a change and want to upgrade to a better car but the budget factor is keeping your dreams curtailed? If this be so, I am going to tell you exactly how you can make your dreams real.

Quikr makes it quicker

Have you heard of Quikr Nxt? No doubt, it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for all those who are looking to grab some really great deal with a few clicks.

Quikr NXT now offers the opportunity of a chat portal where the buyers and sellers can talk and discuss the different details and thereby come to a right decision about the deal they wish to engage in. So, now that I have decided to replace my current car and get something better, here is how I plan to make it happen.

Surfing through Quikr

I am first going to check out Quikr for the existing ads that are present on the portal. There is a category for cars and selecting the same will allow me to find some great deals. I am going to take my own time going though the details of the deal and will shortlist the ones which seem to be good enough to be considered.

Sometimes we can also find an exchange deal wherein you can sell your old car and get another one. Even if I do not get an exchange deal, there is absolutely no problem. The reason is that you can list an ad for selling your used car and at the same time, talk to another seller to simply buy a second hand car which seems to be in a better position than the one you are currently using.

Chat with the seller

Using the chat portal offered by Quikr NXT, I shall thoroughly discuss all the details including the condition of the car, the pricing, the status of the car, the accessories details and more. With this chat portal, I no longer have to worry about sharing my contact number and being bugged for endless days.

This means that I can dictate the purchase on my own terms.

Once I have finalized the deal, I can make the payment, sell my old car, if I wish to and get a better car with the right amount of money. Seriously, is there anything more that I could have asked for? Those who are craving to get their hands on a better car should consider heading on to Quikr NXT and making an excellent purchase. Trust me; some of the deals are so awesome that you are never going to buy cars from the stores or showroom again. So, get going and hop on to Quikr before your favorite deal gets sold out.

Starting Again!

So,I just realized that it’s been more than a week since the domain is MINE and I am yet to do a post. Well, life has its own way of making you busy; nonetheless, we should never ignore the ones we love, should we? Hell no!

I gave a very hard thought as to what should I come up with for this very special post and in the end, I decided, let my impulse take the form it feels, it should.

Before I pen down the thoughts running wild in the messy mind that seems to be in a smiling mood after a long, long time, I would first like to thank every single one of you who has tagged along; even the ones who no longer visit me. Life is never promised and I have taken a resolution to cherish whatever little pieces of goodness comes along. How long I stick to the resolution is another matter altogether.

P.S. This is the 301st poetry on my blog. Another reason to steal that slice of cake today :P

The breeze slowly blows

The wind smells of yesterday

It was one such day

When things so drastically changed

Too often, you meet changes

Some are for the good;

Some leave you in tears

Yet, years later,

You look back and feel

Every single one of them

Painted the canvas of this life

My picture is far from complete

Replete with too many shades

I’ve met the wrong people

Found the right ones too

I gave all of me

Put in love in the wrong box

Smiled, cursed and cried

And yet, today I know

It is all of this

Which makes me “ME”

Not one regret should you take

With you, to your grave

The wrong people teach the right things

The right people help you during wrong times

Maybe, there’s a lot more to be said

Maybe, there’s too much left

Maybe, the time is up

Too many times, I question

Too many answers, unsaid

But, perhaps, this is what is life

To live and then to die

And amidst all of this;

Remember to paint a little smile


Good or bad,

It shall all pass away!

unnamed (3)

The Niece And Green Eyed Prince

I absolutely adore kids, especially the ones who have adorably fat cheeks that bounce when they speak. My mom says I used to be one too as my cheeks animated when I spoke and it cheered her up. I don’t have a kid but being a part of a joint family means that you got to play a mum too many times to too many kids. I am particularly close with one of my nieces because people tell that she has taken after me. It is needless to add that I love tucking her in bed and singing her to sleep.

The other day when I was taking her to bed, my mum saw our bedtime ritual and couldn’t help but chuckle. I saw her chuckling to herself and when I questioned about the same, she told, “You did the same when you were little.”

Every night, my niece pretends that she is angry and sulks on one corner of the bed. I slowly tiptoe into the room pretending that I have no clue of what went wrong. I then summon the fairy mum and ask her to bring little angel, her wings which shall help her find her Prince. She peeks from behind and then slowly pounces upon me and in her adorably singsong voice tells me, “you be my fairy, bring me chocolates”.

As unhygienic as it may be, I pamper her with chocolates and then she gets on my lap and I gently pleat her hair, all the while talking to her about a green eyed prince who is sitting somewhere in the snow clad city far faraway. As I keep on narrating the story, she always asks me the same questions and I always give the same answers.

She prompts me as to what is the colour of his eyes? I answer green. She says, “Which shade of green?” I murmur, “Our green, almost like chocolate!” To this, she screams but chocolate is brown. Then, I give her a look that says, am I not the one telling a tale and then she cuddles me and I let her bite another of those calorie pumping chocolates. I know, you may think it all to be silly but there is sweetness in answering the same questions. It is our own ritual which we have fallen in love with. Who says you need a really stringent ritual?

Bedtime rituals are something which make you feel all cosy inside because love should linger in the darkness of night. As my little niece’s eyelids begin to droop, I quickly wrap her up in her favorite pampers baby dry pants and she is all set to doze and live her own fairytale. My mum said she had the same question answer session with me and so my niece more than just looks like me, she is my replica- a way I could live my own childhood.

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The Big Bucket List

We all have some kind of bucket list at the back of our mind because who is a soul bereft of dreams. However, the sad part is that too many of us go to our graves with the bucket list largely unfulfilled. I am not an exception either as I have some huge dreams which I dreamt with eyes open wide. Whether or not I would ever be able to fulfill it remains a mystery.

However, if I had the liberty to live life #Befikar UmarBhar (meaning: a life sans worry), there are plenty of things I would have desired to accomplish. Here is a rundown of the top 5 items in my bucket list I would have done, if there was no worry to worry about.

  1. Impromptu trips

While I love the anticipation that builds just before a trip, I have always craved to have an impromptu trip. I wish to head out to another country, purely on impulse, meet my friends whom I have never seen before; talk till the sun sets in the sky and then roam a little more in the wilderness of the night. The worry of what shall happen, what if things go wrong, what if I get lost has prevented me from fulfilling this bucket list item, but, surely, I wish to one day fulfill all of this.

  1. Live on a forlorn island

Okay, I do love people and I am scared of being alone but isn’t a bucket list about exploring some shades of you, which you are unacquainted with. So, I would love to spend a week or so (not more because I shall miss you, peeps) on a forlorn island. No, I do not want to encounter ferocious animals or even little mosquitoes that make my dream a nightmare. However, I do wish to go out and that too all by myself, free from the crowd and live a week solely to satiate the sound of my soul. Perhaps, a week all alone, far from humanity shall give me answers to the questions that are too loud for my ears.

  1. Shop for a million dollars

Seriously, there is a reason this is the 3rd item in my list. I am a big fan of the NUMBER 3 and call me materialistic, but I really really, desperately want to shop for a million dollars; all at a time. I am a shopaholic but the thrill of spending a million dollar in one go is something I could only savor as my bucket list. Any lottery bells ringing for me please?

  1. Painting the city walls red

I have so often dreamt of doing this. In our city, the walls are hardly clean. So, I want to go to a place where street art is respected and I want to paint the walls red and smear them with the color of my heart. I can’t guarantee the coloring to be smooth, but it will be done with love.

  1. Climb the Eiffel tower

Seriously, a bucket list without Paris? A lot of people have told me Paris is highly overrated, but no, what would be a dream date? A British guy who can speak impeccable French in British accent sits with me at the top of Eiffel tower and the glittering green in his eyes sing a poem that talks of how this was the moment we both have waited for the whole of our life. Okay, pretty improbable probably because a green eyed guy, Paris and French men :( none of the three seem to love me. Still, dreams and bucket list- they belong to me. So, I shall do what I please!

That’s my bucket list I would try to fill, if I had no worry to worry; what about you?

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Oh Almost!

The jagged contours of my face 

Made me skeptical of the image

Too often I ached and craved

To soften the tone, better the face

And yet, I always knew

Some things are meant to be.

I shall always be,

A little imperfect, a little rough

But, perhaps, this isn’t the end

Or even if it is,

Isn’t an end the signal of a start?

You never need a person to fulfill

The song that God sets inside

We’re all two halves of a single heart

Waiting just for the person/time

That shall make you realize

True happiness and the perfect smile

Will last a lifetime

Be happy in your own skin

As I type this all;

I wonder,

Will I ever believe?

Perhaps, NO!


So easy to preach

So hard to be

Some shoes look good in the closet

But, when worn;

Tears the ankle apart.

I plaster a smile

Try and hunt for the beauty inside

The little heart says,

One more day closer

To perhaps doing

What you think,

You always teach.

All the while, I silently pray

Not the prettiest face,

But maybe, God could give

A story that doesn’t fade

Even when time kills time

And nothing remains

The memories of an ORDINARY girl


I know, it won’t

Time shall wash me off

And buried will be  all the precious remains

Yet, weave your dreams


When you dream, you can wish

Things seen, unseen.

Another wish, Oh Almost!

fall out f love

Lookin’ For A Valentine?

So the Valentine’s Day really did come and like every year, I found myself sandwiched among people who both loved and despised the day. The ones who love the Valentine’s Day are mostly those who have a date and the ones who sulk are not just single peeps but perhaps the ones who need a little more love to fall in love with love.

This valentine’s day, I learnt a very different lesson and even thought of implementing it. Look at this wonderful video and you will learn how you don’t need a guy/girl to make your valentine’s day special.

As I saw this video, I was wondering is it alright for me to have my phone as a valentine and I knew the answer was a big, loud and emphatic YES. If you are wondering whether I got hit in the head or something, here are few reasons why this idea seems to be absolutely wonderful.

  1. No ditching of dates

Seriously, how many times have you contemplated getting a breakup because your date was reckless enough not to remember he/she had a date? When you are dating your beloved Asus, you have nothing to worry. Your phone is going to be there for you, when you are down, ecstatic or even wasted. Seriously, can you not love someone so lovely?

  1. Hot hunk for you

Now, I am aware of what people think about love which is we fall in love with a soul rather than the outer beauty. It all looks good and is true, but when you see someone really hot, you can’t help but check them out, don’t you? Now, the Zen phones whether it be Asus Zenfone 5 or Asus Zenfone 6, they look adorably sexy. The kind of look which these phone models exude is worth a round of applause.

With a thin body, cutting edge grip, wide screen; you really cannot get a better looking dude (boyfriend)? (What, don’t judge me! I am shallow)

  1. Music heals the soul

Unless you have a date that sings like an opera, we all would need our favorite music beside us. You may fall in love with a guy/girl and whatever they say may seem music to your ears, but nothing substitutes an hour of unadulterated music. Now, with the Asus Zenfone 6, you can spend some alone time with your favorite music numbers. The kind of sound clarity which this model has to offer is breathtakingly amazing. The sound clarity is high and there is ample storage space which means you can keep as many songs as you wish.

  1. Versatility holds the key

We all want a versatile date that can do more than just be a show stopper. The Asus Zenfone are also designed with the same theme. They offer you a plethora of functions from smart look to powerful technical specifications, immense battery backup, stunning picture clarity and more. You really cannot ignore a complete package, do you?

  1. Who got time to spare?

When you wake up, what is the first thing you do? I always check my phone like an early morning prayer. So, isn’t it already a sign of deep true love? Yes, I am in love with my phone and I need no more reasons for convincing myself.

Check out the details of the different Asus Zenfone models here and bag your own valentine. It is better late than never.