Sweetening Christmas Sans Sugar

Every time we had a party at our home, I remembered the way we all gathered to taste the delicious dessert which dearest mum always made. There is something about desert which makes it sweet and sinful. I could never have enough of it, but on Christmas last year we had a bunch of guests coming up.

We were all geared up for the big bash as we were meeting them after nearly three years. When they came for dinner, they wanted cookies but two of my uncles were diabetic. It dampened everyone’s mood to know that they couldn’t taste my mom’s heavenly cookies. Smart mom played the saviour yet again and she came up with this amazing sugar free Christmas cut out cookies. Here go savour it.

Christmas Cut-Out Cookies


  • 1 egg
  • 2 ½ cups of cake flour
  • ½ cup of shortening
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp of baking powder
  • 3 tbsp of sugarfree Natura
  • ½ cup of skim milk
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • 2 tbsp of water


  1. Take a bowl and add egg along with shortening and sugarfree Natura to it.
  2. Beat it well.
  3. Now take another bowl and add all the dry ingredients in it.
  4. Now, add milk along worth water and vanilla to it.
  5. Pour the flour mixture and stir thoroughly.
  6. Make sure to chill the dough for 2 hours.
  7. Now preheat your oven to 325 degrees F
  8. Roll the dough to 1/8th inch thickness and now cut the cookies.
  9. Bake it for 10 minutes
  10. Serve

It did take some time before these cookies were ready but they tasted delicious and more so, they painted smiles on faces that had gone gloomy because of being diabetic. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Spread smiles even if it is sans sugar?


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Prompt: Broken heart and sadness: Beauty in half stories.

They say poetry makes you feel, but sad poetry gives you feel.


Tonight, I am not going to lie.

I am tired of pretending

Everything is alright.

When I know

Every day is just another 


Which won’t subside

I am tired of trying

So hard that my knuckles

Almost bleed

It is about time

I see the same things

That I refused to see

I sometimes get tired too

Of trying too hard

Of chasing so fast

I trip and cry

No shoulder to hold me up

No hands to soak the tears

Missed chances and half stories

Too many, one sided attempts

An array of broken promises

I see the eyes of the people I loved

I let the sadness envelop me in a hug

I sit on the cold bathroom floor

And strum every harsh word I never spoke 

Maybe, I needed to see

How long I’ve been walking along

The silhouette I thought to be you

Had left me in lanes I had long crossed

I sit down on the road I do not know

Some day again, we shall bump

Maybe, that time the places

We shall swap

You would wonder of the caring eyes

The once upon a time

But by then this heart will harden

And nothing more shall remain

Or there shall always be

But, you will like always fail to see.

Often in life, you need to be

Your own goddamn hero

Because promises break and so do people.

I am not standing up

Not again

Because there is a beauty in fallen things

And for once I want to feel

What beautiful feels like

No silhouette beside

No memories aside

Just this long night

Oh, Dangerous Words

Strum me the same old lullaby

Break the broken heart tonight. 

Tonight, I am not going to lie.

Let’s romance sadness tonight.


Much lovies,


Hoping to alternate with a happy one soon.




So, it’s been ages since I penned a poem. sometime,s we really wait for the perfect inspiration to come along. This time, it came in the shape of the beautiful picture taken in the golden city, Jaisalmer. As much as I want to take credits for this beauty, this one belongs to dear friend Bhavya who is as blessed with words as he is with his photographs. Visit him at his blog here.

I really think we are nothing but puppets who simply plays the tunes, life has picked for us.



Inside her head
She plays various roles
She smiles bright
Even with darkness inside
We’re puppets playing
The game of life
She met too many souls
Inside her heart, she let them in
Yet a part was always kept
Locked within
She waited to meet
The one who would see
The insides of her heart
Could flowers grow in lands
That had been barren for long?
She wondered if there was more
To share and say
Or all her life, she would remain
Puppets playing
The game of life
Love touched her once
Poetry was stirred
Her words wed his words
Together they strummed
A chord so melodious
A flower finally bloomed
In the barren land
She let down her guard
Allowed someone inside
Was this too a game
Life often played
She wanted to believe
She wasn’t another puppet
Just playing her part
She wanted this to count
She wished it would last
She wondered if the stars
Would stay together or apart
A hundred questions in her fat eyes
Brimming with doubt, mystery inside!
She stares at the blue, endless sky
Contemplating what in her fate resides
The ones we love and the ones we leave
Stories that fulfil and the ones that stay incomplete
Are we all puppets
Playing the game of life?
Is everything predestined?
Is she fated to resign?
The poem comes to an end
But the show goes on
The puppet smiles
Because in the game of life
We do what is destined
Enveloped in tears and smiles
Her little heart breaks
As she is haunted by the goodbye
That shall one day break
This beautiful lullaby
We’re the puppets playing
The game of life!

Dance Bible ||Dancing Has A New Address

Dancing is an art that is known to truly unwind your mind and give you the feeling of complete joy and relaxation. I have known a few dancers who are so passionate for their dancing that they can overlook every other thing in life. I have met quite a lot of people who took dancing as a form of therapy and it really helped them immensely. No doubt, I was inquisitve enough to explore more about how dancing could be used as a therapy and I landed on this site.

The Dance Bible is one if its own kind of site which has been designed to help dancers network together. There was a need which was felt for different dancers to come together and understand their passion, know their stories and feel the vibes which they share.


What Is The Dance Bible?

The Dance Bible is a website that caters exclusively to dancers. It comes packed with some of the most amazing features and let us see what they mainly are.

Make your own portfolio

Have you ever asked a dancer what they love the most? You would see the way their eyes would sparkle as they would talk about their most cherished performances. The Dance Bible is a site which allows such aspiring dancers to share their dance stories; you can set up your own portfolio in minutes.

The portfolio has the option of integrating plenty of details. You can choose the dance forms you love, add your dance videos and even pen down your stories for the world to hear. Isn’t it a beautiful way to connect with people.

The repository of information

Dance Style

The world of dancing is really big and huge and there is so much to see, know and explore. This site offers to be the ultimate place where you can access all the details pertaining to different dance forms. Check details here.

The dance forum

This is yet another stunning feature. You can ask any question pertaining to the dance field here. There are a lot of people who are a pro at dancing and with the strong community that gets built, such experts would be happy to guide you along. The forum helps in strengthening the bond even more as unknown dancers, tied by their love for dance can be seen answering the puzzling questions which different users have. Find the forum here.

Isn’t the site exciting?  You can visit their Facebook page here or even head to their site here and get started in no time. Surely, it will get you in the groove.


In this era dominated by funky phones, stylish laptops and technology crazed world, I often feel that we have lost the true touch with nature. If somebody asked me, what real togetherness means, I would like you to sit with me along with a cup of smoking hot coffee and I shall pour my heart out.

Real togetherness means waking up in the morning to catch that perfect way the sun rises up and ends the darkness of the day.

Real togetherness means taking that occasional leave from office, calling up your long lost friends and taking that hike up the mountain so that you feel connected not just with your peeps but with nature.

Real togetherness means taking a break from your stressful schedule and planning a perfect romantic getaway with your partner and letting them know why they are the most beautiful thing to have happened in your life. Often, we get so busy with our work that we forget that life is so much more than one big fat paycheck. Sure, I love my six digit monthly salary but it took me a long time to realize that in my bid to pile more money, I was losing out on the real meaning of being together.

If you mean the promises you made, if you want friendship to stay, if you aspire that your love stays young, you need to go out more often. Don’t lock yourself up in that 4 x 4 cubicle and rely on those little texts and random calls. If you love someone, make an effort that matters. Write them a love letter and read it out loud in an open forest. Scream their names at the top of the cliff and watch the smile when their name reverberates in the open air.

Take your friends for a surprise vacation and enjoy the way they would hug you tight and say, “Man, this is what was really missing.” I am not asking you to abandon your work life, but being together is a lot more than chatting over a Whatsapp group! It takes two to tango and be willing to carve quality time.

Distance can be a cruel thing and sometimes you need to cut down the miles because being together is about entwining the fingers in each other’s hand and finding that perfect closure, about hugging the one person you would want to spend the rest of the life with, ruffling the hair and letting the wind play its magic.

Real togetherness is about making I and you as *us* :)

Watch this *aw* advert by Kissan to get a feel of what real togetherness is! Surely, Kissan hits us right in the feels! How would you define what togetherness means to you? Let me know your take!

One Last Time

One Last Time

She wants to see

That big glimpse

Of how life feels

One Last Time

She wants to know

What it is

To be a dream

One Last Time

She wants time to freeze

So that she could live

In those cozy yesterdays

Where every damn thing

Was the way it should be

Where people smiled

And said what they meant

Where love blossomed like the 

Red roses strewn on barren trees

Where hearts fluttered

Because it felt so surreal

Where dreams left her smiling

Because she believed it would stay

Where promises were made

To be kept

Where every new dawn

Brought a bright new ray

Of happiness that promised

Too many tales

One Last Time

She wants to be

Where every damn person

Speaks their truth

Where every single poem

Bears a name

Where people are not defined

By numbers and figures

But the amount of love

Which that little heart holds

One Last Time

Let her live

Let her smile

Let her breathe

Let her love

Let her be

Let her go

From where she came

Take her away

To another place

Where love has its way

Where her tears won’t stay

Where she won’t sob

Because of a tomorrow

That hurts

One Last Time

Weave this wish

One Last Time

Sing to her

Before all she is


All she was

One Last Time

Last Time




forever fever