“The Sorcery Of Our Story” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

So, it is no surprise that I love habits and traditions. We just made it a tradition to write a duet every NAPoWriMo. I absolutely adore writing with David Ellis because he is a conjuror who brings words to life. He makes me sure that my fetish for British people is justified :D

The leaves ruffle in the air

Even the wind seems to be humming our song

The melody carries me on the wings of angels

Straight to the first time

When my eyes fell upon you


A spell was cast that day

One of gorgeous light, dispersing the darkness

The veil had been lifted

Life had revealed a divine gift for us to cherish


A hundred thoughts

Buzzed into my mind’s honeypot

Was this all just a lucid dream

Woven into the fabric of space and time

Or a fragile vase poised to shatter

And break when I stir and awake


Too scared to know

I shut my eyes tight in anticipation

But you’re still there

When I find the courage to open them


We’ve both travelled so far but the journey is far from over

I remember how your touch made me blush

How it could move the tallest of mountains

I could sense your sweet scent from across the room

As I picture your perfect smile

My heart realises that it beats just for you


They say absence makes the heart grow even fonder

I have been found guilty of counting off the days

Since you left me standing alone at that fateful train station

Because deep in my heart, I still know

One day when your sunny disposition

Casts its light across the shadow of my empty life again

And you enter the room capturing my full attention

Our love will flower and flourish more fervently than before

I will make you mine, as we start our story’s next chapter

And I cannot help but fall in love

Each time we tell it to each other

It’s the story of our lives

forever pink

Society Shuns, Pet Purrs

Long lost words

Sit silently inside

The teasing smile of happiness

Bursts a world outside

She doesn’t know the road to walk

Sometimes, destiny takes too many turns

Born in a world full of rage

She wonders if there’s more to take

She has lost so much

She thinks it to be the end

Little does she know

Every end is just another bend

Today, as she silently gazes at the sky

Wondering where that happiness went by

She remembers all those good times

When her little child sat by her side

When her family loved her day and night

Today, she stands shunned by all

No one to call her own

A little cat always comes and visits

The cat doesn’t know the vices within

So many labels the society had put

If you didn’t fit, you didn’t get

The love which others always had

With a tiny cat

whom she doesn’t know

She sleeps at night

Kissing away her woes

Sometimes,s she wonders if humanity is

Really dead

Maybe, she would purr and be a cat!


P.S. Okay, I am rusty I get it.. I really need to work on my poems now :(

I promise to pen something good soon :D

God bless me.

Much Lovies,


My Dream Phone

We all love smartphones, don’t we? I still remember the time when I had bought my first phone and it had felt so special. Over the years, phones have diversified a great deal and we find a lot of new models packed with some of the finest features.


Recently, I came across Asus Zenfone 2. There’re too many reasons as to why I would love to use it to revolutionize my Smartphone using experience. Here are five reasons why this is the phone I can’t get my hands off.


Stunning camera

I love pictures. This model comes with 13 MP of camera clarity. This means that I would be blown by the kind of beauty which the camera will offer. These days, smartphones are so much more than just a device to make a call and so I am going to click too many perfect shots. Isn’t it the best way to redefine and revolutionize my Smartphone using experience?


Perfect RAM

I am very particular of the ram capacity of a Device for the simple reason that I hate the waiting time in phones. When there’s good RAM capacity, it helps in quicker loading of apps. This is another reason as to why I would love to own this phone. No lag time means that I could make a quick and easy access to different apps with ease.


Stylish looks

Call me shallow or materialistic but I do believe that phones need to have the perfect look. If they do not bear the class, it doesn’t suit me. When I took a look at the model of Zenfone 2, I was blown by the perfect design. The phone screamed perfection and I was amazed at the stunning design. No doubt, it is another reason why I wish to own it.


Hardware specifications

Whenever I decide to buy a phone, I make it a point to check out the hardware details. This is important because a phone which comes with the right kind of hardware specification is much more likely to offer you better output. It looks like the developer of the phone put in the right kind of effort because the phone comes with the best set of specifications!


Multitasking ease

It is important for me to get the ease of multitasking. Until and unless, I can operate more than one app simultaneously it won’t serve my need. As I was digging details for this model by Asus, I found that they really did fit all my needs. It is so easy to switch from one app to another and carry out the different functions.


These are five of my top reasons as to why I would love to buy the Asus Zenfone 2 and thereby make the most out of my smartphone. What are your thoughts on the same?


Making The Boat School Afloat!

For a nation to be developed, it is extremely important that the citizens are literate. Education is the key for the development of a nation. While India is progressing at a rapid rate, it is rather sad that a larger part of our population is still suffering from the clutches of illiteracy.

Owing to the increased illiteracy rate, the rate of development cannot be as quick as we want it to be. It is not that reforms are not in place, but one needs to take a vigilant part to ensure that things really set into motion. Children are in need of an ideal learning environment that would help them enjoy the lessons and give them the drive to succeed further.
However, sitting back and cribbing about things never helps because the need was felt to start the journey of doing right. This is why the concept of Varanasi boat school was founded by NGO Guria, under the smart leadership of Ajeet Singh.

What is the boat school?

This school has been designed with the aim of helping the aimless children who loiter in the streets of Varanasi. The school is all set to offer the right kind of learning environment and resources to the students so that they too can live a meaningful life. The children make it a point to spend two hours after their regular school day for studying, revising or even playing without any kind of pressure.

While the school has already laid the first foundation step, there is still a lot that needs to be done. The boat school is in need of a magical transformation as the school needs a makeover of the interiors, decoration and the perfect learning ambience as well. Apart from the ambience, the transformation will include the addition of resources like books, CDs, educational toys, library, stationery, computers and even painting kits for fostering the growth of creativity. This is important so that the students feel like they belong to an institute where they can carve a career for themselves.

If you really like this whole initiative, you can do your bit. Head to this Do Right campaign by clicking on this link here and you can make any contribution which you deem worthy. Every single effort counts and sometimes, it is the tiniest of efforts that bring in the best of changes.

Maybe, your contribution could fetch someone a #scholarship which can change his/her future. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such a noble initiative? Do your bit today. Who knows, the boat school may end up lighting the lives of too many innocent children. If this concept works, there could be so many schools in different parts of the country.

I did my bit, did you do yours?

Stars, Moon And The Night!

A hundred twinkling stars in the night sky

And amidst all these lights, shines the moon

The silver light contrasts the golden starry glow

And yet the world craves to be like the scarred moon

Perhaps, there is glory in darkness?

Perhaps, we all crave to be broken?

I do not know what story the Destiny has stirred

Whether the moon or the stars shall criss-cross

The little tale that I am to live!

But, whatever be the final epilogue

I am happy at what the constellations felt

On nights when the stars seemed dull

And the moon was busy playing peek a boo

Maybe, every star tells a tale

A little unheard

A little unsaid

Yet, always felt



P.S. I am back :) A lot more poems soon! Missed you peeps and HEYYYYY Birthday coming up :D

May 3rd, come soon. :D

Much lovies,

Your Shade.

Disastrous Cook, Delicious Food

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to know that I am a disastrous cook. Maybe, disaster doesn’t even justify the disaster I am because if there is one person who could burn water, it has to be me. Somehow, cooking and I divorced, well before we even met. This is why going over to someone’s place for grabbing some quick meal makes me happier than happiness could ever feel.

It took me a really long time to make people understand that being a terrible cook doesn’t by any means infer that I share no love for food. I mean, come on you don’t need to be an actor to be a movie-buff, do you? So, why the discrimination?

Well, I could complain, crib and bicker later. Here I am going to talk of some of the main reasons as to why I would love to go to Guptaji’s home for my mouth-watering nashta (breakfast). We all have that one neighbour who is just blessed in the kitchen and no matter how much you love munching street food or even the pizza with extra cheese, you just can’t resist catching up on your neighbour’s home to steal that perfect recipe.

Well, despite not being a huge foodie, I would trade what not to get hold of the “nakhare wala nashta” by Guptaji. If you too want to give yourself this gift of tasting the perfect snacks and munching it to cherish the perfect delight, catch the recipe here.

For me, a breakfast is more than sitting quietly, eating your food and running away to resume the activities of the day. What’s a breakfast without a little tantrum, a little fight and lots of love? This recipe is perfect because the Chapati cornflakes Chidwa is the ideal way to have a little bit of healthy snack to make mum happy and then share it with my already loud family and cousins and play food games and have a lot of fun. Isn’t this reason enough to go to Guptaji’s home?

If you thought I was going to let go with just one of the recipe, you really still don’t know me. Despite the increasing calories I keep on piling, I would still head to Guptaji’s home because helllooo, who even says no to chocolate. The first crush vala nashta is nothing but chocolate and walnut with our very own Kellogg’s. Catch the amazing recipe here.

Yes, if you have a date and you really need to impress him/her, I would suggest you to try it out because chocolate fixes all mess. Even if you end up with chocolate smeared all over your face, it could still set the tempo for the rest of the day, won’t it? Love and chocolate always make me dreamy, sigh! I am definitely heading there for my dose of chocolate!

Did you have fun checking out the lip smacking recipes by Guptaji’s family? Watch this amazing advertisement by Kellogg’s here and hey do grab a bite when you were here.Also, watch out for the videos at this link here.