Makeup tips for the monsoon season

Monsoons in India are a mess and looking good takes a backseat when you have to handle umbrellas and bulky raincoats. It is also the time when humidity rises and your hair’s texture and skin’s oil secretion go haywire. Most make-up artists and stylists suggest a minimalist look. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your skin and hair in order even during downpours.

Cleaning the Skin

Keeping your skin clean during monsoons is very important as bacterial action and oil secretion rises around this time. Women with oily T-zones and combination skins are bound to experience a bout of acne. To avoid these problems, it would be best to use herbal astringents to get rid of the excess oil.

beautiful young woman with towel on the head

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You can keep a few wet and dry tissues to keep removing excess oil from the face. Those with dry and normal skin would do well to use ice on their face to remove grime and grease. Before going to bed, use a water based moisturizer from Lakme or L’Oreal. If you have oily skin, its better you use no night cream.

Creating a Makeup Base

Do not use foundation creams as bases for makeup if you don’t want them rolling down your cheeks after a heavy downpour. Instead, use face powder, only sparingly to create a light base. You should use only that much which will absorb the oil from your face.

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A light BB cream from MAC can also be used but make sure it dissolves perfectly in your skin.

If you like using blush, go for cream blush which are water proof and add a rosy tint to your face.

Doing up your Eyes

Indian women love wearing kajal but this is unfortunately the season to put them away. Some brands like Faces have introduced water and smudge proof kajal which lasts long and you can try them out. Instead of kajal, you can go for waterproof eyeliner from Maybelline that is likely to last longer than traditional kajal pencils.


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You can also add to the beauty of your eyes by thickening the lashes with waterproof mascara. Brands like Revlon produce them with good quality waterproofing that keeps them on for long hours, till you remove them with a cleanser. A touch of pink eye shadow shall also brighten up your look. However, make sure it is only minimal as you don’t want to deal with layers of melting pancakes.


Come sun or rain, using a sunscreen is must because it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. They are available in various SPF ratings which offer different levels of protection. You can use a water based sunscreen from VLCC or Vichy can work wonders on your skin during this time.


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For completing your look, wear your hair in a tight ponytail or go short by trying out bobs and pixie cuts. Monsoon months lead to a lot of hair fall and shorter hair shall prevent it. Keep your hair clean by using mild herbal shampoos and conditioners to keep frizz and tangle away.

Author bio

Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Old Lanes

Sometimes you just feel so mushy that you wish to lock the feelings before they slip away. It’s been ages since I wrote something but thankfully, life has been a bliss of late. Touchwood, I hope the good is here to stay.

Old days

Those moments

The little smiles

Unspoken words

Emotions inside

So much time

Keeps passing

How scared she was


Of how broken a tomorrow could be

Today, she silently smiles

At the beautiful present

She enjoys!

When the right person

Stands beside

Every wrong bids a goodbye

You don’t really need

A love that spans forever 

Sometimes, it’s little moments

You pick up every day

Those whimsical wishes

Which someone fulfils

Those little habits

Which someone picks

The cute fights

Which someone does

And you look back

And find

You dotted your diary

With hearts and love

A name can be subtly traced

Because every heart tells a tale

Live your love today

Forget about the winds of change

What begins will one day end

Let not the fear 

Wash away

The smile you

Could have worn today!

Draw the hearts

Color them up

Let memories be made

Yet again

So long, so good

Good it will stay

If not, remember; it once

Made you say

I Love The Story I’ve Lived

Some day again

You will finish

The tale, if it stayed incomplete

Rise in Love




fall in love

Oh Honey!

Ever since I was born, I have been blessed with extra layers of baby fat. My mother often jokes that not many people took me in their lap because even at a very young age, I was too heavy to be carried; of course, she tells she is serious and I pretend it’s a joke.

Anyways, being born on the chubbier side, I have grown up with my share of suggestions regarding the diet to follow, the food to eat, the ones to miss, the need to skip food entirely and what not!

Sometimes, I get really irritated when people pop their expert opinions and animatedly tell me, “Hey you should look at the food you eat! Calories are a big thing!”

I feel like telling them to shut their big mouth and mind their own business but mostly I end up depressed and contemplate if crash dieting is the way to go.

However, thanks to my ability to read and write and taking a little liberty, I should add think and understand as well, I soon found the right way to go.

To all those gorgeous women with curves, crash diet takes you nowhere. Trust me, it doesn’t! Your body is a temple and you shouldn’t disrespect it. There are so many ways to staying fit and crash dieting is certainly not the way to go. The better and wiser approach is to choose balanced diet. I stumbled upon the perks of opting for a honey diet by Dabur because honey is a remarkable food which can do wonder to your body. Honey aids in better digestion and is a good sugar substitute as well. It will give you the much-needed energy and helps you stay in shape.

When you are following a balanced diet, you won’t really need to fuss about other things.
Your body needs the right amount of nutrients for the sake of having a healthy growth. If you do not offer them these minerals and nutrients, it will lead to degeneration of the muscles and it can harm the overall growth of your body and its functioning as well.

So, your main aim should be to find a diet which will have the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. When you are not over indulging and eating it right, you will be able to ensure that your body will be well toned and it is going to help you shed the extra pounds as well.

Dabur’s Honey diet is one of the best way by which you can succeed in accomplishing your goals. So, if you want to live a healthy life, the right thing to do is explore the details of Dabur’s honey diet here and put in a little exercise as well.

Bats, Balls And Date!

Are you a lover of the game? Has it ever occurred to you as to how many times someone you loved ended up ditching your plans at the last moment because a high-voltage India-Pakistan match was being played?
I still remember how terribly frustrated I was when I called up my friend to talk to him about the pitiable state of my life and after blabbering for a long 10 minute all he told me was, “Damn, the Yorker was too good. I truly wish India wins today; it would break my heart to see them lose after such a wonderful streak in the tournament so far.”
I had slammed the phone hard and would have broken it if it was not my beloved shit of technology! I mean here I was, nursing a broken heart and there was my friend going gaga over a Yorker!

Did you ever find yourself feeling frustrated because your best friend ditched you at the last moment because they wanted to see Virat Kohli bat! I mean it’s okay to see the game, but I often wonder if people need to stop all their plans for the sake of the game. As I was looking for what could be a possible solution, I stumbled upon how UC Cricket is the thing to use.

UC browser understood the need for a cricket dedicated segment because India is a cricket crazy nation. When the world cup is on, suddenly the office sees a remarkably low attendance. The turnout at colleges is pretty less because who even misses their favorite players in action. I remember sitting in a class of 5 people because everyone was busy being glued to their TV seats.

So, with UC Cricket, you can now keep tabs on the scores of the game. Not just scores, getting real-time updates is a lot easier too. You can know about the latest events; catch up with the latest news in the field of cricket and do a lot more. I called my friend to tell about this. He told that now, he can help me heal my ever incessantly breaking heart and still romance his never ending love for cricket.

I have been so excited ever since I heard of it that I have been calling all my cricket crazy friends and letting them know that they can now still keep their plans and enjoy the game to the fullest as well.

This is an amazing opportunity and I am so excited about it. The next time there is a game going on, I will drag my friends to our hangout zones and give them the UC Cricket extension to enjoy the game and have my awesome company too. This is seriously one of the best ways to get the best of both the worlds. UC cricket, you’re awesome!

A Perfect Rainbow

He looked up

And Smiled

After ages,

Two hearts would now unite

For times longer than any forever defined

Love needs no legal bond

But, it felt better to know

They could walk hand in hand

And no more fighting the world

Together they said

I do

And then the groom kissed the groom

Happiness clapped

Love was no longer biased

Way to go America

Long live the love stories!

Another rainbow painted the sky

Looks like even the Gods smiled

Finally, humans are getting their shit right!

Yay GAY!

Love never needed a gender, all that matters is the heart. You don’t need to be a gay or a lesbian to celebrate this move. You don’t even need to be an American. I believe, if you love love, you are going to have a real big smile on that face of yours!

The world needs to look up to America! What a way to make June, the month of LOVE <3

Maxi dress: A summer must have

Style, comfort, versatile, chic, elegant, sexy, hot, vibrant, unique and flattering, you name it and maxi dresses have it all. When scorching heat of the sun is planning to make us all, suffer in Indian continent, maxi dresses or long dresses have emerged as an angel for all the chicas out there. This guardian angel of the fashion world is not just gorgeous, but it flatters all kinds of body type.


And not just the summer months, but with right accessories and fabric selection, maxi dresses (or long dresses as they are known among some of the dress lovers), you can wear these dresses in winters as well.

It is practically the only kind of dress which can cover your fashion needs from beach to a black tie event altogether round the year. You just have to ensure that the style you have selected flatters your body type.

Although maxi dresses or long dresses look great on every body type regardless of the popular notion that vertically challenged girls cannot pull off this style, body type consideration is a must to follow!

Free flowing garb, flattering structure and a sexy neckline, maxi dresses are divided into these three structures. While shopping for them, you can focus on these pointers and shop the one that emphasizes your good looks. Some of the maxi dress styles that are popular this summer season,

The Solid colored ones!


Entire dress has the same color and no prints at all in this most basic maxi dress style. If you have a slim body structure, this style will flatter on your body. Also if you are vertically challenged like me, a single color will make you look taller.

The Printed ones!

Yes, like all the springs and summers gone so far, SS15 has brought the prints trend back and with a bang. From footwear to clutch bags, everything you can imagine in the fashion world has prints on it this year so how can maxi dresses be left behind.


Although prints look gorgeous, they can bring in undue attention to your body. If you are curvy and have an hourglass figure, avoid large bulky prints. You can go with the small prints with a plunging V-neckline. This will focus attention to your neck, giving a streamlined structure.

The Boho Chic ones!


Boho chic style is making a comeback this year with a tad bit of hotness added to it. Loose, free flowing and adorned with wildest prints, with a touch of nature and earthiness, Boho styled maxi dresses are all about this. Wear them with Boho styled gladiator sandals or platform sandals with large hoop earrings studded with beads and rosy colored vintage aviator sunglasses!

The Asymmetric ones!


If you have tried asymmetric dresses and tops, it is time for the lopsided maxi dresses. Similar to its fellows, this one also has a lopsided or uneven hemline or neckline. With a plethora of prints, lopsided hemlines are a treat to wear. If you are looking for a beach perfect look, these ones in sheer fabric can be an option. Wear them with beaded necklaces, hat and colorful flip-flops to the beach or pool, whichever is closer to you!

The Sheer ones!

Aah the sexy and stunning sheer ones. These are my favorite when it comes to dressing seductively for some occasion, (if you know what I mean). Sheer fabric of these maxi dresses adds a glamorous feel to it.


Also, they are quite comfortable for the summer season. What else is there to say!

If you are vertically challenged like me, try out the overall sheer ones instead of the ones on the hemline only. These might make you look shorter, and we don’t want that!

Maxi dresses have been in trend for decades as a comfort wear, but with the new collection it has become an Haute Couture trend hot throughout the year. Style them with a sassy touch, flattering accessories and a touch of makeup to look fresh as a spring gale!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest trends in fashion and beauty.


I swear, a happy one is waiting to happen! This one is for all those who find the need to vent but just can’t because you don’t really know what you want to say! If you feel so, it’s okay to feel that way, I know, I do the same. If you don’t, its okay too. I know I am very weird :D This is the second poem this month, So I promise to write a third one this June with a happy sappy love!

The pen holds her hostage tonight

She tries hard 

Harder still

To let go off the mighty hold

Yet, the more she tries

The harder is the grip

Words on lips

Ink on page

A little grin 

Ah, the evil face

Don’t spit it out

Keep it in

Tries too hard


The pen holds her hostage tonight

Is it so tough?

To contain the thoughts

The wilderness cries

A little louder tonight

Nothing is amiss

The smile is in place

The mind has gone awry

Hunting for a prey

A loud cry

Is heard inside

RUN AWAY, says the heart

STAY, says the mind

Betwixt it all

The pen holds her hostage tonight!

Scared of the moon

Afraid of the sun

Oh Sky! Why are you so vile!

A billion stars

Shining in the light

Yet, the darkness engulfs

The happiness inside

Moments and memories

Unleash their hold

Wrapping like a blanket

On a cozy night

The pen holds her hostage tonight

Nothing has been told

She silently smiles

Words let out

Yet words stay inside

Don’t bare your heart

Don’t say the words out loud

A promise was made on one summer night


How much it had broken

The poet’s urge to write

The pen holds her hostage tonight

And yet

Strong she shines

Because she broke the pen

That once made her smile

So hard to tell,

If she won or lost

Because in the end

Silence reigned

Rightly said,

Silence is sometimes the loudest cry!

A shattered pen sobs

In the middle of the night

Unaware of how to vent

Not sure what is so wrong inside

Just that the little heart

Is wailing again

Asking others

Okay? Okay?

All the while, 

Silently knowing

It’s the insides

That have been crying

For reasons, it still doesn’t know

So, rather than tell

It learns how to hide

Let us smile


Sadness is so vile!

She now holds

The pen as her hostage tonight

Strangulaitng her words

Hiding the emotions

Because she is a pro

At faking a smile!

Maybe, some day 

Sadness too shall smile

Another night

A battle to fight!

She holds her pen hostage tonight!


Much lovies,