Unseen Pages Of My Diary

dear diary

Dear Diary,

I know it is hard to be with me, to bear the swinging thoughts of my tormenting mind, but do you trust me when I say it’s even harder to be me?

When I see the mirror, I don’t just see a figure. I can see the smiling toothless face of a little kid who often shielded her eyes to escape reality, who didn’t speak much but laughed like a lunatic.
But, this isn’t all I see. I see the me I am today, a big giant mess of uncertainty. Oh yes, I am sure of too many things, what I feel, the ones I need, the big dreams, but I see the mess of how things don’t go anywhere. I also see a silhouette that speaks of my tomorrow and to be true, it scares me.

So much has changed and I can’t change more. I love habits and unlike most people, they don’t leave. I have seen people grow fond of me, the way I could effortlessly laugh, the way I would reach out even when they shut them down, but I have seen the same people leave. Some stay but barely so. The conversations thin down, the warmness dies. Formality creeps in and I often don’t answer the ‘hi’.

I see all of it and it makes me claustrophobic as to how is this mess going to survive.

I have never perhaps told before but dear diary, I want to thank you for sticking by. For absorbing the late night turbulent mind, for soaking the eyes that refuse to turn dry, for holding me tight when I oscillate with the breaking of bones inside, for not judging me even when I can sense too many questioning eyes.

I will lock all beautiful memories with you because if tomorrow, I see the mirror painting the broken shards, I know inside your pages, I will once again find the home where my happiness will always reside.

I miss the times when I just started to write. We were both new, fresh and young. You were happier to be with me, but just like people, I can sense how my pensiveness is making you sigh. One day, I promise I will write of how a diary loved me even when I refused to write.

Goodbye, diary.

I know you’ll miss me, the tantrums, the cries, the smiles, the whimsical mind because every time I write a goodbye, people realize that every heart in its own way shines.

May your dark pages illuminate someone’s night. As I type this up I smile because I just know that you will unfurl these pages, feel the warmth of my love, miss me with nostalgia and somehow find a way to unite. 

The girl who refused to write.

Reviving The Art Of Stand Up Comedy!

Don’t you totally love comedy? Do you love that bubbliness in your stomach when someone cracks a joke impromptu? Not everybody has a funny bone and it is often seen that too many people may struggle to get their comic timing right. In such cases, when I find someone doing an effortless stand-up comedy event, I have to say that I get mighty impressed.

I remember I was perhaps thirteen when I attended my first stand-up comedy event. I was literally in awe at the speediness with which the guy came up with witty one-liners. It takes a great deal of strength and courage to take up the microphone and come up with witty liners impromptu.

In today’s times when there is so much happening in and around us, it is even more important to be sure that we promote the art of stand-up comedy. If you are frequent at bars, you will find that a few of them will have stand-up artists who put up a commendable show. When you’re a few drinks down, even then you can’t help but admire the satire and jokes which the stand-up comedians come up with.

I believe that stand up comedy is one such art which needs to be revived at the earliest. It has the flare which is needed for the youth. If you want to inspire the youth of today and you want to create a buzz for things that need attention, humour is one of the finest ways of creating a huge attention.

We are all aware of how the youth of today works. When we can present an idea in a way that we can grasp the attention, it will surely help in creating a bigger buzz that will encompass a larger mass. There are plenty of different ways by which you can create the right platform for stand up comedy.  You should do your bit before you let the humour die.

Respect a stand-up comedian and if you have the talent, try and be one too because it takes a lot of skills and finesse to stand up and poke fun out of anything and everything. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and to be a stand-up comedian, you need to be really blessed because they can help bring a smile on the meanest face!

Help support stand up comedy and paint the world a brighter smile! Live In Style is one such portal which promotes stand-up comedy. It is a website that caters to people of different tastes and one can find information on different aspects ranging from parties, drinks, music, lifestyle and more. Those who have a thing for comedy can catch up details in their stand-up comedy section and enjoy themselves thoroughly.



IndiBlogger Gala Event At Kolkata

The Indiblogger team in association with Berger hosted a great event at Oberoi’s Grand. It was a fun filled event with too many amazing opportunities. It was one of my first events at Indiblogger and have to say that I was overwhelmed by the kind of ambience which was made.

Anoop was stunning in his presence as he opened the stage with a great musical spellbinding performance. Introductions followed and Berger guys went on to explain how their product stands apart from the competitors.

I have to say that it was one of those evenings where I was mesmerized by the way these meets are conducted. words would fail me if I would try and explain everything and so I am going to let pictures paint what the event felt like!

the event had a little bit of everything and it truly painted some of the brightest smile on my face. I’ve to say that it truly elucidated what Berger symbolizes- the beauty of the finest colours!


Anoop enchanting the crowd with his magnificent stage presence!


It was followed by introduction rounds where a lot og young bloggers opened up and shared blogging tips and what got them into blogging! The answers truly portrayed Calcutta in its true light- intellectuality meets style and fashion!


The IB guys were busy interacting with fellow bloggers and few of them got talking about the much hyped Happy hours! that’s my little sister in there because I never came in a frame :(


There was a great fun activity where in sanding had to be done. The right masks were offered. It was fun but we didn’t fare well :P which is expected thanks to my super awesome laziness. :D


here’s the team posing for the *wonderful* painting we did. Hey! the concept was good, the painting was tagged *Embracing your imperfection* and as you can see the amateurs were hard at work. I am the teeny weeny peeping behind my bubbly sister :d  We didn’t win but it was one crazy color spilling activity  which did evoke quite a lot of hysterical fit.


finally, the typical Indiblogger styled hurr hurr moment before people went out all guns blazing to devour the scrumptious meals and then to get back home and vblog again!

Thank you #bergerXP and Indibliogger for what turned out to be an evening to remember!

It was an evening which was perfect in every way! I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

The First Book

Time slips

A tad too fast.

Eyes blinked,

Moments gone.

What was once yours

Slips away

And you see it go

Moving away,

Hiding underneath

The tiny stars

That cover the 

Murky mind.

I hold on,

Clutching hard

My fingers have blisters

Because of the fierceness

Of my grip.

I cry

When I see

How easy it was 

For you

To let go.

I never saw

The tears that


Your beautiful face

As you wept

When you turned away.

We could’ve been

But shall never be

In our incompleteness

We lived

A tale so pretty

That ‘Love’ smiled

And said

“I once knew a couple

They didn’t stay

But they never left.”

The hearts still beat

The pictures still stay

On different ways

We stand

A billion words unsaid

As I tiptoe to the well

Dropping a penny,

Making a wish.

I close my eyes

And before I can whisper

The heart beats

My lips still utter

The only name

It ever really loved

“Keep him happy

Wherever he is.”

In another place

You wake up,

Smiling, rubbing the eyes


“I wish, we had more time.

I wish I could tell you

That I always wanted you to be mine.

I hope you’re happy

Wherever you are.”

Two hearts


Yet aloof

Life happens

When love fails.

I put down the pen

As I stare at the first letter

I ever wrote

Wondering if in the years to come

A new story will finish

What Destiny denied.

‘Stay’, I say

But, I am all alone.

Wrapped in wrinkles,

With three big cats

A big diary

I write down the words I never said

“I love you!”

Five years later

You pick my only book

And weep as you read

Every word of what I wrote

Was strummed for 


“You love me”, you say.

I smile because for the first time

There is no question there

Yes, I reply.

You take the book

From the wrinkled hands

Pick the pen 

From my frail fingers

And simply add

“I love you too.”

Two old souls

Too weak to walk

Too old to talk

Yet love makes them young!

Who said, books were unreal!

Romance is ALWAYS real

You find it in an author’s story

In the poet’s rhyme

In the singer’s voice

In the dreamer’s eyes

Because love lives, even when people don’t!


Walk, O Dear

*When you’re away for too long, you come to know who cares enough to still stay. #Comeback post*

Walk a little, O Dear

Even when you are scared

To simply move.

Let the lonely roads

Speak out to you

Let those tall dark trees

Sing the same song,

Which the little heart

Always hummed.

Let the blowing breeze 

Complete the tale,

Which you have often 


On empty nights;

When you slept alone

Hugging the comfy pillows

That remained your only friend.

Walk, O Dear

Because you never know

Who would wait

At the next bend

To save you from 

The unwanted end!

You’re not done

The story will live

What was once yours

Shall always be

Walk, O Dear

And let the memories rise

Because it is just a matter of time

Until the darkness shall cease

And the sun will shine.

Walk, O’ Dear.

I am beside.

Always here.

Too far, yet near.


Make-up Tricks for Fall!

When Fall is about to arrive, certain glumness is natural. The harsh winds that summers left with them continue, however they are not so dreaded anymore thanks to the impending winters. Fall is a season of combinations. It is when you can afford to experiment the most when it comes to your make-up!

The layer of make-up would only come out impeccably once the base is strong enough. Make sure your skin is rid of the dead cells, damage and coarseness that it faced during the sweltering weather it had to face a short while ago. Use a good scrub to remove the upper most damaged layer.


Thanks to the autumn nip, you are now free to use the foundations you were not allowed to apply thanks to extreme temperatures and humidity. Cream based cleansers and good quality moisturizers are a must for the fall. Plus, you’ll be needing lots of them for the coming cold climes.

While you get to experiment in the Fall, it is also time to find your personal style when it comes to make-up. Whether you’re a fan of super poppy shades or subtle neutrals, the time is right to realize what suits you best, and what you’re most comfortable in pulling off. While the season puts no such restrictions on you, your complexion and confidence could. The make-up is your second skin. You have it carry it off with elan and poise.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms are the perfect combination of neutral and bold. The shades are both natural as well as fierce. Plus they will provide nutrition to your lips in the dry Fall. Keep your balms handy in your sack, even if you can’t afford to carry all your make-up with you. For your everyday look, basic kajal and tinted lip balms would work just fine.


Hide your blemishes and pigmentation with the help of foundation that the summer sun gave you, but avoid compact. For this basic make-up haul, you can always trust Jabong.com to offer you some of the best discounts on make-up products. From Maybelline Baby Lips to L’Oreal Matte Morphose pre-make up base, this online shopping websites has its stocks fully loaded!

The perfect reds are perfect for all season. However you can still stay minimalistic with pastel blush-ons. A soft blush with tinted lids but a bold lip would be a good look for your evening get togethers. Try hues like copper and lavender on your lips and eyes with mascara stained eye lashes. These shades bring color with them but do not shout for attention!

holding11 (1)

Want to try something new and offbeat? How about oxblood lips? Try plum and dark brown shades. In that case, keep every other feature of your face completely make-up free! So for that upcoming bash, your little black dress would find companions in dark lips and an updo hairstyle.


Matte makeup is allowed for the Fall but your skin should not feel dehydrated otherwise your make up would not be able to impart upon your face that much needed glow. You can’t turn back time, but you can always face it with make-up. Welcome Fall!


Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about travel tips fashion and beauty trends.

Supremely Quick Internet 4G

I often find myself cursing the terrible speed of my internet connection. It is ridiculous to keep waiting for the internet to be connected and only to find out later that it is still going to be a painful unbearable wait.

This is why my joy knew no bounds when I heard about the 4G network and how it could bring an end to all my surfing woes. I have a lot of plans regarding how I would use the superfast 4 G network by Airtel in order to serve my purpose.

Video calls

I love seeing people who are not by my side. As I have always loved socializing on the web, I have friends located in almost every continent. It is not possible to travel to each of these countries and hang out with them; however thanks to technology; it is almost possible to see them.

I love video chatting with friends as the pleasure of seeing them live at the very same time gives me a very different kind of thrill. Of course, it leaves a lot more to be desired, but then again, something is better than nothing.

Shopping on the go

There is no such thing as too much shopping, right? I am a hard core shopaholic and I strongly believe that shopping is like a religion and my recovery pill too. Now, 3G isn’t bad for shopping experience but it does take some fun from my shopping experience when I need to wait for the products to load.

This is why with my smart Airtel 4G network, I could shop anywhere on the go. I would look at all those amazing products in the awesome online stores and in the blink of an eye, purchase stuffs to my heart’s content. It is like see, love, shop- whoosh! Voila, life looks so picture perfect, isn’t it?


Now, I am not really the biggest movie buff you will find but it never hurts to enjoy a little extra entertainment. This is why I am going to use my super fast internet speed to download music and movies and maybe a few games too. I love those games where you can challenge people in real time. Internet speed definitely plays a huge role in such games and I would love the lead with the lightning speed of the internet.

These are the top plans which I have in my mind and I aim to make the full use of my 4G network. No doubt, there are a hundred different ways by which I could utilize it too. What do you think would be an apt use of such a whopping speed? I have high expectations from Airtel and its supremely fast network, let me know about your plans and ideas too.

Let the internet take the world by storm! WOOSSSHH!