Mirthless March


Lazily she rubs the moistened eyes

3: 14 reads the clock in sight

A tear trickles and a smile springs

3: 14

The time she came in this world

Of course, not today,

But does it matter?

“Every day is a birthday”

Someone special had once told.

Today, the hard way, she knows!

Not every book belongs.

The meandering lanes

Often get people home

But, it is the straight roads

Where you lose who you were!

A hundred people close to her

A million memories the little heart holds

So much of love, the world has to give

And still the hollowness, she doesn’t cease to feels!

Deadly Destiny smirks and lifts

The crooked cigarette that is meant to kill

Ha! destiny is uncrushable

Fate is vile

Who knows what is in sight?

Tosses and turns all alone

She weeps and wets the pillows at home

Every night, the demons rise

Mirthless March, no stars to shine.

She silently tiptoes to the window

Steals a look at the dark sky

She paints her own stars

Names them;

No knowledge of constellations

She abruptly draws a few lines

Not blessed with art;

With a forgotten face

She murmurs to God

Why a fate so vile?

So much of love

And yet nothing at  all

So much to feel

And yet the emptiness within

Why do the wrong feels so right?

Why does it hurts to say goodbye?

Why the mind and hearts collide?

No one answers and no one talks

The eyes droop and tears gush

3: 14 reads the clock again

This time, though dark is the sky

Mirthless March, the words ring by!

It isn’t the time she was born

And yet it somehow feels alright.

One fine day, she will forget

What it felt to wake up alone!

And know that the story wasn’t yours.

One fine day, she will forget

Why she picked the wrong phone

One fine day. she will forget

How empty a filled room could feel


Time and tide waits for none

For now, she hugs the pillow tonight

Another long night awaits

Tomorrow again, she will sulk

Or maybe, things shall be fun

After all, it was never about her

She always flew the way it was

Taking her fears deep inside

Because maybe, if she spoke

The world would say

Oh, she needs a lot

She asks so much more

Then what she is meant to get

Because forgottens don’t get to carve their roads

They walk on lanes

They have been told

But, maybe, it is time

To resurrect the broken bones

She will rise

And by the time you will realize

What love she wore on her sleeves

The clock shall chime

Oh, boy, you’ve had your time.

Another story shall finish

The book shall become a part of the pile

Never visited, never read!

She cooked her imagination

And thought 

The fantasy to be real

But, the story was never hers

Because she was still trapped

In the same story

While you had abandoned the book

Right when you picked it up

Today, she burnt down

Those pages she had read

On 3: 14 PM’s with smiling eyes

Because memories too sometimes bid goodbye!

Mirthless March stands tall 

Will April too fail to empathize?


Disastrous Cook, Delicious Food

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to know that I am a disastrous cook. Maybe, disaster doesn’t even justify the disaster I am because if there is one person who could burn water, it has to be me. Somehow, cooking and I divorced, well before we even met. This is why going over to someone’s place for grabbing some quick meal makes me happier than happiness could ever feel.

It took me a really long time to make people understand that being a terrible cook doesn’t by any means infer that I share no love for food. I mean, come on you don’t need to be an actor to be a movie-buff, do you? So, why the discrimination?

Well, I could complain, crib and bicker later. Here I am going to talk of some of the main reasons as to why I would love to go to Guptaji’s home for my mouth-watering nashta (breakfast). We all have that one neighbour who is just blessed in the kitchen and no matter how much you love munching street food or even the pizza with extra cheese, you just can’t resist catching up on your neighbour’s home to steal that perfect recipe.

Well, despite not being a huge foodie, I would trade what not to get hold of the “nakhare wala nashta” by Guptaji. If you too want to give yourself this gift of tasting the perfect snacks and munching it to cherish the perfect delight, catch the recipe here.

For me, a breakfast is more than sitting quietly, eating your food and running away to resume the activities of the day. What’s a breakfast without a little tantrum, a little fight and lots of love? This recipe is perfect because the Chapati cornflakes Chidwa is the ideal way to have a little bit of healthy snack to make mum happy and then share it with my already loud family and cousins and play food games and have a lot of fun. Isn’t this reason enough to go to Guptaji’s home?

If you thought I was going to let go with just one of the recipe, you really still don’t know me. Despite the increasing calories I keep on piling, I would still head to Guptaji’s home because helllooo, who even says no to chocolate. The first crush vala nashta is nothing but chocolate and walnut with our very own Kellogg’s. Catch the amazing recipe here.

Yes, if you have a date and you really need to impress him/her, I would suggest you to try it out because chocolate fixes all mess. Even if you end up with chocolate smeared all over your face, it could still set the tempo for the rest of the day, won’t it? Love and chocolate always make me dreamy, sigh! I am definitely heading there for my dose of chocolate!

Did you have fun checking out the lip smacking recipes by Guptaji’s family? Watch this amazing advertisement by Kellogg’s here and hey do grab a bite when you were here.Also, watch out for the videos at this link here.

Wear Happiness On Your Sleeves!

Happiness is a silly word. It takes you through too many memories and makes you feel a lot of things; some of which you may not even wish to recollect anymore.

When it comes to the little things that make me happy, there are so many different things I can talk about. Sometimes you meet a few people who occupy a very big part in your heart but the sad thing is they do not always stay; they make the decision to walk out from your life. There are people who end up being bitter about the whole thing, but I have never been the one to respect stereotypes.

Happiness for me is recollecting the good memories you made even with those who walk upon you. Happiness for me is reliving every single happy moment which tied two people, regardless of the way the story ended.

Happiness for me is thinking of the good times that were once a part of my life. Not everyone gets the happy ending which they deserve and sometimes it is not the destination that counts because as long as the journey is beautiful, it doesn’t matters where you ended up at.

Happiness is all about living your life and being happy at the roads you have traversed. I find happiness in the little random texts I get from friends acknowledging things we did years before. Happiness is looking in the eyes of your sister and sharing a little joke even when none of us uttered a single word. Happiness is playing little pranks on your friends and making plans impulsively.

Happiness is knowing that you will always occupy a large part in your dad’s heart and knowing that no matter how many mistakes you make, you will always be forgiven because sometimes love is far more important and valuable than a little argument.

Happiness is knowing that you could be happy, if you made a choice to be so. I believe life is too short to take a lot of baggage with you. Yes, there are times when I feel like there is too much depression around and I go on long sulking phases, but I am working upon myself.

I want to be the kind of girl who is happy and contented with whatever Big God has chosen for me. God has penned each of our tales and all we can do is thank Him for giving what He gave. If you have faith in the Almighty, things shall always work out, even when they fall apart.

Happiness for me is a shade you should always keep close to your heart because beauty fades with time, happiness stays. I am happy for every single person who crossed my path including the ones who stayed and the ones who walked away!

This post has been inspired by Coca-Cola as it celebrates the international day of happiness. Watch their commercial here and grab a drink.

For The Wild Wanderers!

Are you an avid traveler? Do you love the thought of exploring new places, going on big trips, exploring the outback or maybe just planning a trip for the sake of it!
Well, there is no dearth of travel sites which can be your guide, but if you really want to take a look at a site which can offer you some of the best tips which would really help in making a trip you would recall with smile on your lips, you must head to Travelog.

I got the great once in a  lifetime chance to get two of my articles up there. I might not be the person who has seen the whole world but I have a really big craving to explore the wilderness, the world outside and what people and places feel like.

Those who love to take a sneak peek into China can look out for my article here.

If you have your heart set on Bangkok, you could sip your coffee and read me here.

If you are open to other options, I would still recommend you visiting this wonderful site and explore some of the top destinations and make the right travel itinerary by visiting them here.

I hope to pen a lot more travelogues, travel tips and who knows even plan my own itinerary as well.

There’s a wanderer inside each one of us, let it explore before the journey ends!

Look at the beautiful interface offered by the site here.


Hi Mess||30 Day Letter Series

It is no surprise that I love letters; all types of letters. The fact that I have written more than received is another thing. When I stumbled upon this amazing 30-day letter challenge HERE, I was jumping a bit too high for my own comfort. I might not write all of these, but I am definitely going to try.

The prompt for day 30 is a letter to your reflection in the mirror.

Okay, so it has been a really long time since I continued this series, but hey it’s better late than never!

Dear Me,

Look at you, looking so terrible. You could easily pass for trash and no I am not talking about the external appearances (Though, you’ve never been pretty! What!! This is me talking to myself, so did you even expect I was going to talk that absolutely-bulls**t-stuff that you’re beautiful). You look like trash because you’ve let that happen to you and trust me, you’re the only one to blame.

Today, I want you to know that you’re stronger than the biggest hurt. Chin up because you don’t need to face the music, you need to be the music that plays your own heart. Yes, You’ve been a disappointment. You’ve been the reason for too many tears. You’ve failed to be the perfect friend, the perfect person, the perfect whatever, but know this, You remain God’s creation. HE made YOU and He had a reason. He chose to give you the flaws you had for one of the two reasons. Either you deserved this (YES, Mr Karma, you could stop smiling like a hunk) or He knew, you had it in you to work with your flaws and grow up to be the person not everyone is going to hate.

No, life is not going to be one cakewalk. There’re a lot of speed breakers, blind alleys, crossed turns and you, for one, have always been terrible traveler with absolutely no road sense. So, even if the road was straight, you would still be trapped in the endless curves that actually never existed.

Dear myself, despite all the troubles and the wreck you are and the pendulum of thoughts swinging dark inside you; remember, you made it. YES, YOU DID! Trust me, I thought you never will, but you did so perhaps you do know how to chin up and play the guitar even though you suck with music and you’ve a really bad voice.

I am sorry dearest myself, if I’ve been a little brutal but honesty, dear is a rare thing and if I can’t be honest with yourself/myself, how the hell do I expect people to be honest with me. I must be quick to add here. Don’t EVER expect things from anyone; not even yourself. No, this is not a complain. This is something I’ve thought a lot and understood. When you expect things out of anyone, you are actually trying to make someone into something, but that dear isn’t what love is. When you can give without demanding a thing in return, you leave a trail of happiness. People may not realize it soon, sometimes they may not realize it at all, but it should not bother you because you need to do it for yourself.

And oh yes, your heart is a traitor. It beats inside you, stays with you but never belongs to you… It needs another name, another place to call it home.. The heart is always a traitor but don’t be sorry for that because sometimes, we are who we are for a lot of reasons.

Did I make sense? Not much, you would say and we two shall together smile because you and me, have always been that senseless creatures wearing hearts on their sleeves, hoping against hope that we come with a miracle written on the forgotten face, always forgetting that fairytales had a pretty princess.

However, don’t you worry now. You’re not a pretty princess, but you’re a fighter. You will fight. You will make it through. Life isn’t always so tiring. You have your sunshine days and your horribly high pitched laugh will once again break all that layers after layers of doors that you have put to patch a few things. Life is beautiful, even if you are not and it is okay, if one of the two is beautiful.

Live it up, drink it down, gulp the pain, plaster a smile. Everything is temporary, just like YOU!

From dust we come.

To dust we go.

And okay, I do give a good not-so-pep-but-hello-reality- talk.

We should meet more often.

Go shop and cover the trash.

Shopping still is your favorite therapy. Works better than chocolates because it is calorie-free.

One day, you will reflect upon your life and still smile because good or bad, the moments you lived are S-P-E-C-I-A-L. No one can take that away from you, not even yourself. Let that traitor (heart) live and fake a smile.

Summing up,


So, what if you ain’t pretty, don’t have the fairytale script, you still have me and sometimes myself to myself is all we need. 

There you go, the trash is getting a little less *trashy* :P



Special Shout out to a few named and unnamed people who may or may not read this.

Karly Sue.. you don’t know how much your emails meant to me. They help us feel that sometimes distances do not matter, hearts do.

Al Forbes: we didn’t speak these days, but somehow I still recall the email you emailed long back when I needed it.

Some unnamed peeps because you don’t always need to name. You’ve heard everything I had to say even when I made no frigging sense. Sometimes, a thank you is so inconsequetial and yet so veracious. You know who you are!

David Ellis: Somehow talking about cats with you is sometimes all I need to do to smile and your humor and that voice clip with the super cool British accent surely adds that big fat icing to the cake. Remember, we both owe a big chocolate treat to each other.

Nibha: For helping me remember I had this wonderful series left but I was talking about another one. Will start that soon too.

Myself: for being patient enough to deal with the mess I am. *Has a super narcisstic moment*

This list could well be another blog post.

Signing off again,



It will all be OKAY. If it’s not okay, it’s not OVER.

The Sun Shines, ALWAYS!

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, does it? We make elaborate plans, think of the things we are going to do and how we will decorate our tomorrow and wham! All of a sudden, you wake up to find that life doesn’t follow your script! It was never an obedient slave, because a master always knows how to boss around.

Well, coming to the point; let me just put it simply that it was a really terrible day; not just a sad day; it was the kind of day where you end up questioning every single damn thing on the universe and you feel like you’re on a voyage to nowhere because the ship has started to sink in. Yes, you do feel like the days are going to be engulfed by darkness and no matter how many people love you back, somehow things will never fix and you will never go back to who you were.

Okay, I have a thing for melodrama and even if the reason behind wasn’t something so gigantic, but yes, I was terribly depressed and was therefore sulking in one little corner of my big home. I didn’t want to talk to anyone at all but do dogs listen? Yet another pet who love breaking rules and bossing his own master.

My little dog, all of three years and three days, with the most angelic green eyes ever seen came unannounced and sat on my lap. If it were a person, I could have really vented my temper and did some thrashing. But, even the person with the vilest of all hearts couldn’t possibly beat an angel dog with such angelic green eyes.

I tried to gently push him away, trying to tell him that I wanted to stay alone and that I need some time to regroup my thoughts and get the strength; however, all my dog did was hugged me even more lightly. It was a little gesture for some, but in that instant, I failed to hold back the tears. Sometimes all you truly need is love because love has a way of washing off the toughest of barriers you put to shield yourself from every single person who means the world to you.

My dog didn’t care, if at all I loved him back. My cold behaviour had no impact on him as it stood there hugging me with all the strength and we stayed #together. When my tears didn’t stop, he wiped them off with his tongue. I couldn’t help but smile at the free love which this little bundle of happiness gave me. At that instant I knew, God might have penned a lot of tears in my fate, but he had sent me his favourite angel to ensure that I see through the dark days because at the end of every dark night waits the brightest sun to shine, AGAIN!

Life waits for none, it always goes on!

Remember; no matter what you have lost, you are stronger than the biggest loss!

This post has been inspired by Housing.com who believe in bringing  a new ray of optimism even in the field of housing.

Tete-A-Tete With Katrina Manning

We all love a great book, don’t we? Every time I come across some great authors, it excites me immensely because there are few pleasures as great as meeting authors behind great books. I had the chance of going through Marmalade’s Exciting Tail by Katrina Manning. I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing her but before we get to that, let me share the blurb and a little about the author.

 katrina manning

Book Blurb:

Set in Menomonee Falls, WI, “Marmalade’s Exciting Tail” is a modern story of Claire Young, a web developer who recently broke up with her ex-fiance. Planning for a fresh start, she starts packing to move to another city for an intriguing job offer when her cat escapes and runs away. Claire cannot imagine losing her furry best friend, so she does the first thing that comes to mind—she asks her ex-fiance Kirk, to assist her in the heart-wrenching search. What happens next is a series of flashbacks, questions and a surprise ending that will leave you wondering the meaning of it all. 

About The Author:

Katrina Manning has written thousands of online technical and business articles under her name and as a ghostwriter. Currently, she is the editor-in-chief for Techandburgers.com. In addition, she is also a ghostwriter for a well-known global software company. Yet, it is her love of animals that inspired her to write her first fiction novella. When Katrina isn’t writing, you can find her reading, exploring a new hobby or talking too much on Twitter.

Doesn’t this excite you already? Let me now share the conversation I had with Katrina. It was such a pleasure talking to her.

  1. What made you write your first novella?

For me, it was my paternal grandmother who first planted the seed. When I was in high school, she had told me several times that I could write a good book. Now that I have been writing for over seven years, it was just a matter of finding a story I felt comfortable telling. What boosted my confidence even more was participating in Nanowrimo. After that, I eventually set a goal and met my objective.

  1. Your book revolves around relationship and involves an adorably cute cat. Why did you decide to make an animal such a core part of your very first book?

I knew that I wanted to make a book that most anyone could read. Being a cat owner and cat lover myself, it seemed a natural fit. My cat is the inspiration after all.

  1. What makes this book so special for you?

I’ve lived in many cities throughout my life. There are some parallels within the story to my own experiences, such as understanding the stress that comes along with a move, owning a cat and yes, I have experienced a breakup. That is mostly where the similarities end though. Nonetheless, I wanted to put something out there that would give every reader hope.

  1. What is the message you would like to share with the readers with regards to your book?

I want the book to make people laugh, maybe make them a bit misty-eyed, but most of all, I want it to be a book that people feel better for reading it.

  1. Do you really think that sometimes pet can turn out to be the reason two people, once in love may get a second shot at life?

I think it can help if two people share a love of animals.

  1. How does it feel to finally have the first novel out and doing well?

It feels fantastic! When it finally got published, I felt this overwhelming wave of peace wash over me. Now, I’m working on my second book—so, the anticipation is back in place.

  1. Would you like to leave avenues so that the readers can connect with you?

I do have a Twitter account for the book @marmaladeseries. Readers can certainly follow and connect with me there.

I would definitely recommend her book to one and all. Trust me; you are going to love the teasing romance, the adorable adventures of the furry cat, the tryst of life and more. All in all, I would say it is a book that is going to keep you hooked.

In order to grab a copy from Amazon, click here.

To download this book from Google play store, click here.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the book and also get in touch with the author!