A Perfect Rainbow

He looked up

And Smiled

After ages,

Two hearts would now unite

For times longer than any forever defined

Love needs no legal bond

But, it felt better to know

They could walk hand in hand

And no more fighting the world

Together they said

I do

And then the groom kissed the groom

Happiness clapped

Love was no longer biased

Way to go America

Long live the love stories!

Another rainbow painted the sky

Looks like even the Gods smiled

Finally, humans are getting their shit right!

Yay GAY!

Love never needed a gender, all that matters is the heart. You don’t need to be a gay or a lesbian to celebrate this move. You don’t even need to be an American. I believe, if you love love, you are going to have a real big smile on that face of yours!

The world needs to look up to America! What a way to make June, the month of LOVE <3

Maxi dress: A summer must have

Style, comfort, versatile, chic, elegant, sexy, hot, vibrant, unique and flattering, you name it and maxi dresses have it all. When scorching heat of the sun is planning to make us all, suffer in Indian continent, maxi dresses or long dresses have emerged as an angel for all the chicas out there. This guardian angel of the fashion world is not just gorgeous, but it flatters all kinds of body type.


And not just the summer months, but with right accessories and fabric selection, maxi dresses (or long dresses as they are known among some of the dress lovers), you can wear these dresses in winters as well.

It is practically the only kind of dress which can cover your fashion needs from beach to a black tie event altogether round the year. You just have to ensure that the style you have selected flatters your body type.

Although maxi dresses or long dresses look great on every body type regardless of the popular notion that vertically challenged girls cannot pull off this style, body type consideration is a must to follow!

Free flowing garb, flattering structure and a sexy neckline, maxi dresses are divided into these three structures. While shopping for them, you can focus on these pointers and shop the one that emphasizes your good looks. Some of the maxi dress styles that are popular this summer season,

The Solid colored ones!


Entire dress has the same color and no prints at all in this most basic maxi dress style. If you have a slim body structure, this style will flatter on your body. Also if you are vertically challenged like me, a single color will make you look taller.

The Printed ones!

Yes, like all the springs and summers gone so far, SS15 has brought the prints trend back and with a bang. From footwear to clutch bags, everything you can imagine in the fashion world has prints on it this year so how can maxi dresses be left behind.


Although prints look gorgeous, they can bring in undue attention to your body. If you are curvy and have an hourglass figure, avoid large bulky prints. You can go with the small prints with a plunging V-neckline. This will focus attention to your neck, giving a streamlined structure.

The Boho Chic ones!


Boho chic style is making a comeback this year with a tad bit of hotness added to it. Loose, free flowing and adorned with wildest prints, with a touch of nature and earthiness, Boho styled maxi dresses are all about this. Wear them with Boho styled gladiator sandals or platform sandals with large hoop earrings studded with beads and rosy colored vintage aviator sunglasses!

The Asymmetric ones!


If you have tried asymmetric dresses and tops, it is time for the lopsided maxi dresses. Similar to its fellows, this one also has a lopsided or uneven hemline or neckline. With a plethora of prints, lopsided hemlines are a treat to wear. If you are looking for a beach perfect look, these ones in sheer fabric can be an option. Wear them with beaded necklaces, hat and colorful flip-flops to the beach or pool, whichever is closer to you!

The Sheer ones!

Aah the sexy and stunning sheer ones. These are my favorite when it comes to dressing seductively for some occasion, (if you know what I mean). Sheer fabric of these maxi dresses adds a glamorous feel to it.


Also, they are quite comfortable for the summer season. What else is there to say!

If you are vertically challenged like me, try out the overall sheer ones instead of the ones on the hemline only. These might make you look shorter, and we don’t want that!

Maxi dresses have been in trend for decades as a comfort wear, but with the new collection it has become an Haute Couture trend hot throughout the year. Style them with a sassy touch, flattering accessories and a touch of makeup to look fresh as a spring gale!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest trends in fashion and beauty.


I swear, a happy one is waiting to happen! This one is for all those who find the need to vent but just can’t because you don’t really know what you want to say! If you feel so, it’s okay to feel that way, I know, I do the same. If you don’t, its okay too. I know I am very weird :D This is the second poem this month, So I promise to write a third one this June with a happy sappy love!

The pen holds her hostage tonight

She tries hard 

Harder still

To let go off the mighty hold

Yet, the more she tries

The harder is the grip

Words on lips

Ink on page

A little grin 

Ah, the evil face

Don’t spit it out

Keep it in

Tries too hard


The pen holds her hostage tonight

Is it so tough?

To contain the thoughts

The wilderness cries

A little louder tonight

Nothing is amiss

The smile is in place

The mind has gone awry

Hunting for a prey

A loud cry

Is heard inside

RUN AWAY, says the heart

STAY, says the mind

Betwixt it all

The pen holds her hostage tonight!

Scared of the moon

Afraid of the sun

Oh Sky! Why are you so vile!

A billion stars

Shining in the light

Yet, the darkness engulfs

The happiness inside

Moments and memories

Unleash their hold

Wrapping like a blanket

On a cozy night

The pen holds her hostage tonight

Nothing has been told

She silently smiles

Words let out

Yet words stay inside

Don’t bare your heart

Don’t say the words out loud

A promise was made on one summer night


How much it had broken

The poet’s urge to write

The pen holds her hostage tonight

And yet

Strong she shines

Because she broke the pen

That once made her smile

So hard to tell,

If she won or lost

Because in the end

Silence reigned

Rightly said,

Silence is sometimes the loudest cry!

A shattered pen sobs

In the middle of the night

Unaware of how to vent

Not sure what is so wrong inside

Just that the little heart

Is wailing again

Asking others

Okay? Okay?

All the while, 

Silently knowing

It’s the insides

That have been crying

For reasons, it still doesn’t know

So, rather than tell

It learns how to hide

Let us smile


Sadness is so vile!

She now holds

The pen as her hostage tonight

Strangulaitng her words

Hiding the emotions

Because she is a pro

At faking a smile!

Maybe, some day 

Sadness too shall smile

Another night

A battle to fight!

She holds her pen hostage tonight!


Much lovies,


Be You

I was born with an average face. I have never quite considered myself to be ugly, but I knew I wasn’t one of those picked ones who could look like they are ready to walk the ramp even when they have barely woken up. While there are a lot of adage that states that beauty fades with time and true beauty isn’t skin deep, but ask any girl born with an average face and they will always tell that once in a while, on a few lonely nights, the mirror tells a very sad story. You crave to be a little more perfect, with a little fuller face, with some remarkable features that make you stand out from the rest. Sometimes you feel beautiful because the ones you love compliment you with their heart but, you really need to do something to look okay, if not exceptionally beautiful.

While I do wish I had a few inborn extraordinary features, but I realized that there are ways I could improve things at least a little bit. I am not a huge fan of lots of makeup (okay, some of my friends won’t agree) because I detest the whole tiresome effort of washing them off. This is when I chanced upon the magic of ayurveda and how natural ways of skin care could bring in the best rewards.

Now, I don’t expect to grow three tones fairer or even get a fully shaped nose or even the perfect round eyes, but thanks to the best ayurvedic tips which I learnt, I embraced the art of being myself. As I know the pain and dilemma of feeling not enough, I would love to share the tits and bits of what I know about the natural ways of having a good skin.

The first thing to do is to drink ample water because it flushes away the unwanted toxin. I know it isn’t the easiest thing to do because true to God, I hate drinking water. (I know I am weird, I hear this a lot.)

The next thing is to really wear less makeup and choose natural ayurvedic creams like VICCO Turmeric Cream. Natural creams are free of synthetic chemicals and thus they do not harm the skin and keep it fresh.

Try and apply some neem paste to your face. There are a lot of perks of choosing neem. If you are tired of acne marks, neem can be your savior. Not just acne, even those with a blemish prone skin can choose neem too. Also, make it a point to wash your face with rose water quite a lot of times.

I tried all of this and while I am still the ordinary girl with average looks, I at least do not wake up with nightmares of acne and blemishes. Last but not the least, learn to be you. I am average but I am okay being so because once in a while. It is okay to be okay. Okay? Okay!

(By God, I love the end of this post. I am smart, if not pretty *low modesty alert*) Watch this YouTube advert to make up for the insanity let loose at the end of the post.



They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Every date tells


That transpired

Moments get locked

In little numbers

Sometimes, you recall

The things that happened

You murmur to yourself

Wonder of things

Said, unsaid

Perhaps, one day again

The calendar will speak

Happily of the date

That called to you.

Whoever thought,

Poems were made of words

Never ever knew 

Sometimes, numbers spring magic

Because there are so many tales

Locked in one little calendar

The day you were born

The day you walked

The day you smiled

The day you cried

The day your heart loved

The day your heart broke

The day you left

The day you grew

Finite numbers

Infinite tales


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Too sharp a memory

Too vivid details

Every single moment

That happened before

She recalls with a smile

And let tears wet her eyes

So much has changed

So much remains

Regardless of the fate,

You can’t help 

But love a few dates

Yours to keep

Yours to stay

Even when things change

The memories, the date remains!


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.


A Night Owl’s Tale

#300 ~Perhaps, the 300th published poem on this blog, WOOSSHH! *BIG GRIN*~

Some days the nights get darker

As she sits down to disambiguate

Reality from her fanciful imagination

Little thoughts prop

And they make her claustrophobic

As suddenly the air vanishes from the room

She clutches hard to things

She hopes will help her hold

But every little thing

Keeps slipping again.

She sees a free-fall coming

And she was always scared of heights

Dyslexic in her own being

Too chaotic to stay tied

She murmurs something incomprehensive

Wonders why such a fate

Will things ever improve?

Or the darkness will explode

So many unsaid words

Random thoughts that grow

Deeper in the abyss

That the world calls insanity

Maybe, she doesn’t belongs

To this land of mortals

Maybe, she is meant

For things that go beyond

They say you’re truly sad

When the soul too cries

For things that never were

Or things that won’t be

Every passing minute

The clock seems to chime

Little girl, wake up

The nightmare will subside

Every morning she wakes

Clutching the pillow too hard

The wrists don’t open

With marks the fingers left

As she screamed silently

When the nightmares made her bleed

One day, she will fly

To lands far and high

Sitting all alone

To the winds, she would chime

Let my wings fly

Don’t chain me here, Lord

Or else teach me dear

How to soothe my mind

Such wild is the mess

That her imagination and reality collides

Unaware what is happening

She sobs again in the night

But ask her if she is okay

And so smartly, she feigns a smile

The world loves the happiness she wears

Unaware that it is the mask that hides

But, God they say, just tests how much you shall try

Because, even God truly loves a happy smile.

Maybe, it is all just a matter of time

Every night, she prays

May things fall in place, tonight


 fall out f love

P.S. I miss writing random poems that sprout from irregular thoughts. I hope, I find what I lack to get the groove that once came so easily to me.

Not the writer’s block, but perhaps there is something lost, trapped in a few lines, not waiting to unveil. :)

Methinks, it shall be back soon :)

Much lovies,


People Don’t Die, Just Their Bodies Do!

So many times in life, we go through situations that are largely beyond our control. You think you will get a grip over things, but they fail miserably, don’t they?

At times, you may just sit back and contemplate if your life will ever get back on track again, and you think it won’t because you’ve reached a point of no return, but then God sends in his angel who scoops you up and shines bright in the dead of the night.

It doesn’t really takes a genius to know that the angel I am talking about is Mom. There is so much power in these three letters. Sometimes, just knowing that your mom has got your back is enough to give you the strength to bear the most testing of times.

expert mom
I have had an easy life most of the time, but we all wear masks, don’t we? The happy people mask their sadness beneath, the contented ones may mask their jealousy and you never know what story someone has lived unless they show you their scars.

I have had my share of scars too. It was too complicated to explain and I thought that the pain of the process is going to shred me into pieces, a little more every day until nothing shall remain.


They say, when you love someone, it is like cocaine. It gives you a high and you are euphoric and ecstatic and wild, but it is addicting. You don’t realize how deadly love can be, especially if the plugs are plugged one day.

You feel the world has crashed and the whiplash of the mighty tsunami waves drown you, except you don’t die.. You suffocate, you asphyxiate and you still live a death every moment.

I wasn’t myself and every moment felt like a nightmare. I was surrounded by so many memories that it felt eerie to know that the memories are not going to be real. It wasn’t a breakup. It was a loss- the kind of loss where you end up questioning life and what it means!

I had lost my best friend and sometimes your best friend could be even more crucial than the love of your life.

The fact that my best friend had committed suicide was even more unnerving because it shook my very existence. Didn’t it infer that I never mattered enough; that maybe, I had failed as a friend; that maybe, I was responsible somewhere!

There were so many questions eating me up because I loved her, loved her the way you love your friend with whom you’ve spent such a large part of your life.

We were the kind of mates who could converse even without a word spoken! How then did I fail to see the storm that she was fighting inside!

It was all so surreal and everyone knew that while one of us was gone, she had left a live bomb inside me. I was like an explosion waiting to happen.

No, I won’t commit suicide and I was tired of people asking me if I was okay! How could I be okay if my best friend just decided one fine day to leave this world all alone?

expert mom
How could I be okay when every pair of eyes looked at me like I was the next suicide case they were waiting to discuss.
I was tired of people asking me if I was okay when they knew I shall perhaps never be!

Terribly tired owing to long insomniac nights, as I headed to my bed 9 days after her death, I found someone sitting on my bed. I didn’t need lights to know who the person was. Her silhouette was enough.

Mom. I said.

She just nodded and asked me to come near.

My mom was one person who could always see through me. There was a part of me that didn’t understand why she was not comforting me for so long.

Seeing her in my room with eyes that showed love rather than pity, I knew she was giving me the time I needed.
“I won’t ask if you are okay because I know you’re not. However, I also know that you’re not going to do the same mistake as Zikka did.”
Zikka! I have been unable to tell her name out loud. This was a nickname mom gave us and we always used to call each other Zikka.

I had no patience anymore and all the hurt and fear broke down as I bared my heart and spoke about the pain of this loss.

I told her I was tired of seeing people with questioning eyes. I told her I didn’t know why Zikka didn’t trust me before she did something so huge.

My mom simply hugged me and said,

“Someone up there writes our story long before we know what a story means. Of course, we can paint our own stars but sometimes in life, we make wrong decisions and sometimes you end up losing someone you can’t contemplate living without. You will always feel that you can’t bear this loss, but you do. Only love replaces love.
You lost your best friend but think of Zikka’s mom. She lost the child she had nurtured in her womb. Nobody should ever take their life because while they go, they leave a lot of live dynamites who end up dying every day. Your job, dear is to be the daughter Zikka’s mom no longer has. Don’t take the blame upon you. The world works in mysterious ways and your Zikka is forever going to be in your heart and love they say is very powerful. You’re very strong. I know you’ll do it because Zikka wouldn’t want it any other way. Do it for her. Be the daughter to two moms.”

It might not be a lot to you but for me those were the exact words I wanted to hear. The pain in my chest was less. Obviously, it didn’t go away entirely.

At that instant, I knew my mother will always be the expert who could excavate me from the darkest of times. I didn’t even need a counselor. I miss Zikka, I miss her a lot but I know that from up above the sky, she is smiling upon me and wishing she was a little stronger too.

I hope I could have helped Zikka but maybe, some things happen because God has something in mind. Like mom says, life is beautiful; if you make it so.

Yes mom, life is beautiful.

I got the right lesson out of it as today I work as a grief counselor.

Often I dream of Zikka and she just says, “You’re smarter than I gave you credit for. Love you Zikka.”

Expert mom once said, “People don’t die, just their bodies do.”

She is an expert, isn’t she?

I am what I am because of you.

Every mom deserves love, appreciation and a hug. Go give her one, now!

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